Friday, August 28, 2009

Writing For the Media Post 2

So last class we talked about story recipes and it made me wonder, where does my senior thesis story fit in? In order for this to make sense to you the reader, here is a little synopsis. The story is about a lonely, middle aged, average man waking up and trudging through his morning. He's a Google employee so his office is about 3 steps away from his bed. He checks his mail and finds a package which contains a pen. He uses this pen to draw himself a companion and they skip merrily down the street until the newly found friend gets caught in a puddle of water and melts away. Defeated, Frank somberly walks back up to his room where he adds his newest failed writing utensil to a pile of pens at the foot of his bed.
Right away it is obvious to see that this is a Romance story with the ever present Success/Failure ingredient as well. Given the short form of the story, there does not seem to be any other ingredients present.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today I learned about how everything is a story, that all stories have a message and that those messages are asking me to change. Again I found myself falling victim to this vicious cycle of advertising, the only difference is that this time I was a little more aware that it was happening. I was sitting at my desk in studio looking over the various pictures on my wall and the items laying about. One thing that caught my eye was the designer toy that I brought to decorate my new home away from home. Instantly the toy spoke very loudly to me saying, "I need to go visit my friend Patrick at Poptopia in west port and further support his new business venture." Me being the consumer whore that I am, I went and I bought. Not only am I addicted to collecting these little toys but on another, deeper level I feel that my purchases directly support Patrick's business. Boy is he lucky he has me on his side.

Also today I was talking to my girlfriend and found that I could often catch myself saying things to make her happy or make her laugh. I then proceeded to think that if I just flat out told her my intentions, I would probably not receive the response that I wanted. This story conversation thing is going to be an interesting subject and I cannot wait to find out more.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Frank Animatic First Pass

It's been a while but here is what I came up with this summer. There is still lots to be done and in no way do I consider this to be my final animatic so any feedback would be super helpful.

Frank Animatic First Pass from Evan Tedlock on Vimeo.

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