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Friday, December 21, 2012

Leopold Survage

Leopold Survage was one of the first artists to theorize and design a work of abstract animation. Due to WWI none of his ideas were brought to fruition until recently. Here is a letter that Survage wrote explaining his ideas.

"Color, Movement, Rhythm
     Painting, having liberated itself from the conventional forms of objects in the exterior world, has conquered the terrain of abstract forms.  It must get rid of its last and principal shackle - immobility - so as to become as supple and rich a means of expressing our emotions as music is.  Everything that is accessible to us has its duration in time, which finds its strongest manifestation in rhythm, action, and movement, real, arranged and unarranged.
     I will animate my painting, I will give it movement.  I will introduce rhythm into the concrete action of my abstract painting, born of my interior life; my instrument will be the cinematographic film, this true symbol of accumulated movement.  It will execute the "scores" of my visions, corresponding to my state of mind in its successive phases.
     I am creating a new visual art in time, that of colored rhythm and of rhythmic color."
                                                                                                             Paris, 1914
                                                                                                           -Leopold Survage

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Making of Primal Rage (1994)

This makes me want to buy an arcade...

Out of the Silent Planet - C.S. Lewis

After reading this book, I am thoroughly interested in reproducing it visually.  If you have yet to check out C.S. Lewis' space trilogy, I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

History of the GIF

My good friend Mr. Stuart Bury brought this wonderful little claymation infomercial to my attention the other day.


Inspiration kicks in again as I attempt to keep this blog active. I've now embedded this feed on my website, ( and will now use this solely as an inspiration tank.  Feel free to share your inspirations in the comments below.

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