Monday, April 27, 2009

FATM: Update 7

Here it is! This is the Production in Progress version. Its missing about 30 seconds of animation and an original score. Our sound guy fell through so just ignore that 'music by' credit. We did the sound ourselves but expect an origional score for the final piece. We submitted this today for entry into the KCAI Frame by Frame Animation Show (follow the link for details). Any feedback is appreciated because now we have all summer to fix any problems.

Friday, April 17, 2009

FATM: Update 6

Here we are, One week left to finish this film. Its kind of scary considering how much we have left to do, but I am still optimistic. Today we got to have a class with the John Canemaker. It was a class about character animation and it just got me super excited for my senior thesis. Here is what we turned in to be critiqued by our professors.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

FATM: Update 5

So, we have been working our asses off and we've come pretty far, but with 3 weeks left we have a ton to do. Here is the current animatic with almost all of our progress. This was made a few days ago and a few things have been completed since but its still a good representation of what is actually done.

We also have a sound designer who is pursuing his Masters degree at UMKC. So far everything is going great. I Personally have 3 sequences left to animate which is pretty good. Everything's coming together. Were running downhill and the finish line is 3 weeks away. Cross your fingers folks this is going to be a photo-finish.

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